Lexus Driving Emotions 2016 - Poznan Race Track

The Lexus Driving Emotions periodic event took place on the Poznan Race Track in April, and we had the opportunity to co-organize it once more. This year, the invited Guests could participate in a parallel race of Lexus RC F cars driven by Ben Collins, former “Stig”, and Klaudia Podkalicka. They could also learn about the GS F model from the driver’s seat, breaking speed records on the Poznan Race Track. All runs were transmitted live in the restaurant and bar sections with the commentary of automotive journalists - Adam Kornacki and Patryk Mikiciuk. The highlight of the event was a remote-controlled Lexus NX 200t prepared especially for this meeting! The guests could control the car on a special three-dimensional track with the use of a remote. Another surprise for the visitors was an off-road test behind the wheel of Lexus RX, a luxury SUV with astounding all-terrain capabilities. Apart from all the automotive attractions, we also provided two comfortably equipped tent halls with restaurant and bar sections. Chef Dominik Brodziak and his team were responsible for the culinary experience of everyone invited. The guests could also try excellent coffee prepared by baristas or healthy cocktails served by our bartenders.