Integration in Kaszuby - Szymbark hotel

After two years of absence, we were glad to come back to the Szymbark hotel and CEPR (Centrum Edukacji i Promocji Regionu - Center for Education and Regional Promotion). We were of course accompanied by a group of 80 clients, who wanted to actively spend their time in Kaszuby and get to know this unique region of Poland. The first attraction that we prepared for the guests was our original integration program, which included air gun shooting, archery, running in three-legged pants, and a ropes course. In the evening it was time to have some fun listening to a regional band, trying snuff tobacco, and dancing to the music played by our DJ. On the next day we organized a kayaking trip down the Wda river, which flows into the Gołuń lake in the Wdzydze Landscape Park. After lunch and a moment to relax, our satisfied guests returned to their homes.